Art is a portal through which I engage the complexity of the world and journey into the depths of my inner experience. I integrate an educational background in Fine Art Illustration and Gender Theory, along with my spiritual practices, to explore the layers of self-identity and delve into the realm of the collective unconscious, or spirit world, in search of higher truths. My creative process is also a psychological process towards self-realization. Dreamwork and meditation enrich the imagery and uniqueness of my work and guide my artistic vision.

Making art is a catalyst for transformative growth, through which I deepen my understanding of the cycles of life, death, and renewed life. With a distinct feminist perspective, I examine social concerns, spiritual issues, and the expression of the divine feminine. I explore how modern women channel mythical archetypes and become empowered through a connection with animal spirits and nature. Having grown up in the northwoods of Minnesota, I cherish the power of nature to nurture the spirit and open the heart. I work with a variety of media, but my main passions are oil painting and multi-media drawing. My paintings are dynamic and bold with a fearless use of color, and my artwork has a sculptural quality with great attention to detail that supports the intensity of the message.

In the great adventure of life, I pursue myriad creative disciplines: I am a dedicated visual artist, art educator, performance artist, martial artist, pianist, poet, activist, and world traveler. My greatest fulfillment is teaching art to my high school students and igniting their creativity. It is magic to observe someone transforming in front of your very eyes, and an honor to play a role in that journey. Art is a powerful tool for change. Art inspires us to feel deeper, see differently, and ultimately has the power to elevate our souls to a spiritual level.
I wish for my paintings to be visions of healing and joy.
My creative voice is personal, political, spiritual, and magical.

“One can have no smaller or greater mastery, than the mastery of oneself.”
Leonardo da Vinci